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Trendy Modest Fashion For Everyone In Malaysia

Since the conception of Gene Martino in 1996, we have always championed modest wear in Malaysia as a style choice. We create timeless designs with high-quality fabrics because we know they will never go out of style. The three criteria for our designs are Simple, Essential, and Universal to suit all generations for any and all occasions.
While the collection at Gene Martino features traditional Malay garments, we have found that these designs transcend racial or cultural boundaries. It is a point of pride to spot local elements in our fashion, especially on the international stage. Homegrown beauty with global appeal, everything from a songket to batik, baju kebaya to baju kurung, reflects the rich culture in our melting pot of a nation.

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Stay In Trend With A Modern Baju Kurung For Your Raya Look


Celebrate Hari Raya in style and look perfect in your #OOTD insta pics with our modern baju kurung collection. Try on a baju kurung modern cotton or a baju kurung moden lace that is perfect for traditional events and more than capable of expressing your personal style.

Our baju kurungs are designed with a contemporary twist to keep up with the latest trends while keeping the traditional elements of the baju kurung. We offer a variety of colours and prints, from classic solids to bold and bright patterns.

Not only are these traditional costumes significant in a display of identity, but they’re also designed to suit our climate – modest in appearance but also breezy, breathable, and in style!


Rock Both Casual & Formal Office Wear For Muslimah


A common misconception is that traditional Malay clothes are exclusively formal attire. Yet it is now a common sight to see casual Muslimah fashion. Head outside and you’ll see plenty of young fashionistas decked out in a baju kurung paired with sneakers, made iconic by the character Orked in the late Yasmin Ahmad film, Sepet.

Go to any local arts festival or music concert, and you can even spot girls on social media online in baju kebaya tops matched with a pair of jeans – which shows you just how versatile your outfit can be when you let your imagination run wild.

When you head to your office, you will see your colleagues walk the red carpet with a trendy Muslimah blouse paired with slacks and heels. You might even see the more business formal girl bosses rocking a stylish Muslimah pant suit.


Inclusive Fashion For Everyone: Plus Size Office Wear In Malaysia


We believe every woman deserves to look and feel her best, regardless of size. That’s why we’ve carefully curated our latest collection of fashionable and professional clothing specifically designed to fit and flatter a plus-size figure.

Our plus-size office wear includes everything from classic blouses and pants to trendy blazers and plus-size dresses. We pay attention to details like cut, fit, and fabric to ensure that our clothing flatters your curves and makes you feel confident and comfortable.

Gene Martino is an inclusive brand that welcomes all women to shop with us. We’re proud to offer a wide range of designs of trendy blouses online for our plus-size customers. Our goal is to empower plus-size women to feel stylish, fashionable, and professional, and our plus-size office wear collection is just one way we’re working to achieve that.


Style Up With Muslimah Accessories


Take your Muslimah clothing to the next level by accessorising with traditional accessories such as hijab scarves and shawls. These traditional head coverings can be tied in various ways to add a touch of personal style to your outfit. Experiment with different draping techniques, or pair a printed hijab with a solid-coloured outfit for a bold contrast.

Whether you’re looking to buy a hijab or bawal satin online, we’ll have something in our collection for you!


Check Out Our Entire Collection Of Modest Fashion Malaysia


Explore our wide selection of Muslimah clothing and Malaysian traditional clothes online today. Find the perfect plus-size casual dress or baju kurung Kedah online exclusively at Gene Martino.