What Does Your Baju Raya Choice Say About You?

Got a baju Raya theme for this year?

Or do you need help choosing an outfit that best fits your personality to flaunt for this Raya? We got just the perfect quiz to help you choose below.

Take a look at these 7 pictures. Which baju Raya do you like the most? Choose which one you think you would wear and we’ll reveal something about yourself in the description!

1. Baju Kurung Pesak

The Baju Kurung Pesak is a timeless classic. It is the most common type of baju kurung and a favourite among women. It has a straight-cut and knee-length top. The long skirt follows the traditional ‘kain lipat tepi’ which makes it look more elegant.

If you chose this baju Raya, you’re probably someone who appreciates the small things in life and prefers substance over style. You’re happy being by yourself and like things simple and uncomplicated. You also look elegant wearing anything because of your confidence.

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This baju kurung can have many modern twists. The top is usually shorter than the traditional ‘Pesak’ version. The sleeves can be shorter too and the whole outfit has a more slim-fitting. It accentuates feminity of the modern Malaysian woman.

If this is your baju Raya of choice, then you’re probably the life of the party. You’re confident, smart, and never shies away from new things. You enjoy being the centre of attention and values independence and creativity.

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3. Baju Kurung Kedah

The Baju Kurung Kedah shares some similarities with the modern baju kurung. It has a shorter top that ends at the hips. It has a straight cut, more loose-fitting than the modern version, and it’s usually patterned in checkers and squares.

If you prefer the baju kurung Kedah, you’re probably a very thoughtful and considerate person. You strive to find balance in your life between old traditions and new trends. Your attention to detail makes you more observant than most and people find you charming and likeable!

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4. Baju Kurung Pahang

Another popular regional style baju kurung is this one from Pahang. It has a long top that flares open and a straight-cut skirt. It is almost similar to Baju Kurung Riau except that the top can be either straight-cut or A-line.

If you chose this for your baju Raya, then you might be the sensitive type. You care for other people’s feelings and are quick to empathise. But you’re also very strong and resilient. Once you’re focused on something, it’s hard for you to quit and you often end up being proud of yourself. You go, girl!

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5. Baju Kebarung

The Kebarung blends the best of two iconic Malaysian traditional attires. The top resembles the kebaya with a V-neckline and middle opening but the bottom follows the kurung’s straight-cut and loose-fitting.

Those who prefer this style are the good girls who rarely get into trouble. You might be the favourite child due to this behaviour, but you can also be quite stubborn. Especially when you decide on something, your determination is hard to be swayed. You would probably make a good leader!

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6. Baju Kurung Peplum

The Baju Kurung Peplum is a retro style that has come back into popularity. It has a puffed top and a mermaid-cut skirt. The top can be made from hard mesh cotton or soft fabric, which makes the outfit easier to wear and maintain.

If you picked this as your baju Raya, chances are that you’re the tough girl with a fun personality. You don’t mind getting your hands dirty while doing something, as long as you feel satisfied with the outcome. You’re not afraid to try new things and you love a good challenge.

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The Baju Kebaya is another popular traditional outfit for Raya. It has a short top with a V-neckline and fastenings in the middle. It’s common for the top to have delicate floral embroidery. The skirt can be made from different material and prints such as batik or plain cloth.

If you would wear this for Raya, you’re probably a family-oriented person. You’re very patient, dedicated, and always make the people you love happy. You have a great sense of style and probably laugh out loud a lot. You’re unique with your own way of thinking.

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So, what does your baju Raya say about you?

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