How to Accessorise with your Baju Kebaya Modern

The Baju Kebaya, unlike the Baju Kurung, is a figure-hugging dress that is more versatile and suited for the younger generation today. The top is usually embroidered with intricate designs paired with a long skirt or batik sarong. Adapting to modern times, the Baju Kebaya has gone through its phases to keep up with the changing trends. Whether you choose to stick to the traditional Baju Kurung or go with the Baju Kebaya Modern, don’t forget to add in a touch of your personality with your favourite fashion accessories!

Let’s start from the very top; there’s just so many things you can do with hair accessories. Add in a bedazzled hairpin, clip up the sides with gold flower clips, or tie your hair up in a silk satin scrunchie that matches your dress. Or throw in a huge bow with a half-up, half-down hairdo! Did you think I was done? Nope! There are also tons of choices for tudungs in the market. You can pick from simple, bejewelled, or embroidered tudungs that come in many colours to match with your Baju Kebaya Modern.

Another popular accessory that you can include to spice up your look are pieces of jewellery. There are earrings, bracelets, rings, and necklaces for you to choose from. If you’re going for the clean, minimalistic look, for example, an all brown Baju Kebaya Modern with white accents, just add a dainty piece of sterling silver necklace and some cuff earrings. Not into earrings? All good, just switch it out for rings or watches. For Baju Kebaya Modern, we suggest that you avoid adding in a brooch pin. Although beautiful, they might just take the attention away from the designs of your Baju Kebaya top! 

What do we wear or bring along with us almost every time we go out? Yes! You’ve guessed it right, your sling bag and shoes! For us ladies, these are a must. Our phones, purses, make-ups, everything we need goes into our bag. Everything anybody needs is in our bag. As such, we can play around with what kind of bags to pair with our Baju Kebaya Modern. Keep it modest and casual with a simple over the shoulder bag or take it up a notch with a gem-encrusted clutch. The same goes with our shoes, from heels to flats, the sky’s the limit! 

Speaking of phones, let’s not forget that we can also change up our phone cases! It’s the 21st century, everyone is walking around with smartphones literally glued into their hands; why not take advantage of that. Prefer to keep it low key with your significant other at social events? Matching phone cases. Getting matching Raya outfits for the family too expensive? Matching phone cases. Now that you’ve got the tips and tricks, it’s time to dress up with your favourite Baju Kebaya Modern and take #OOTD pictures with your BFFs!