What Your Choice of Baju Kebaya Modern Says About You

Malaysia is abundantly blessed with variety, be it our cuisine, culture, or tradition. Even within the Malay culture itself, countless traditional clothing is still very much appreciated and worn today. Each and every piece carries a distinct uniqueness and is rich with history that very much shaped our country into what it is today. The baju kebaya especially has evolved tremendously over the years. While keeping traditional elements intact, the baju kebaya modern has adapted to our modern world to include current fashion trends.
First and foremost, if you opt for baju kebayas as opposed to baju kurungs, that already says something about you! You are a little fashionista. You appreciate those who put effort into dressing up in style, and you definitely keep yourself updated with the current fashion trends. You know exactly where to search for all your baju kebaya moderns, baju jubah, baju sedondon, and everything fashion related!

Mix & Match Patterns For Your Baju Kebaya Modern

Would you reach for a baju kebaya modern that has minimal detailing or a piece with bold prints?

Does that even have any correlation with one’s personality? Yes! They’re as different as night and day, ladies. Monochromatic colours and minimal designs are classy and adaptive. Printed designs and bright, bold colours scream spontaneous and daring. If your go-to outfit is the clean and classic baju kebaya modern, you are one to love and enjoy your own company. You’re definitely not afraid of going to the movies or karaoke by yourself! Look through your wardrobe; what colours and patterns do you see more of?

The fabric and material for your baju kebaya moderns also speak volumes. There are several types of fabric for baju kebaya moderns! Cotton, batik, silk, chiffon, and so many more! If you are a cotton baju kebaya modern girl all the way, you prioritize comfort over anything. You know how to balance out style and comfort perfectly. Batik and satin baju kebaya moderns are for the sophisticated few. You enjoy luxury and appreciate the intricate details the intricate piece offers.

Colours, patterns, and fabrics; all play a crucial role in expressing your personality and telling your story. However, it does not mean that you have only one style of choice based on your personality. The thing about fashion and styling is that you can experiment around with it! Mix and match patterns and colours of your baju kebaya modern depending on your mood and wear it with confidence! At Gene Martino, we offer a wide array of specially curated baju kebaya moderns that satisfies. No matter your style, there’s surely one that will check all of your boxes!