Matchy-Matchy Fashion for the Family

It is such an adorable sight to see the whole family decked out in the same theme, colour, and design whenever Hari Raya rolls around! That is why at Gene Martino, we have dedicated an entire category for matching set wear called Sedondon; which means “to match” in colour and pattern.

In the olden days, Malay families would go to the local seamstress to select fabrics to be made into traditional outfits.

Sometimes, they would even give the seamstress yards of beautiful, uncut fabrics passed down as family heirlooms (usually in batik or songket).

Then, the fabrics are tailored into matching set wear such as baju kurung for the women or baju Melayu for the men, with their children decked out in miniature versions of the attire for special occasions like Hari Raya Aidilfitri.

Perhaps that is why it is now common to see this practice continued even in this modern age. How often do you see families dressed up in almost uniformed outfits with captions like #TeamRed on their Instagram #OOTD every year? Social media timelines would be filled with photos of colourful garments, matched from head to toe, perfectly paired in their baju Melayu sedondon.

Interestingly enough, although Hari Raya Aidilfitri, or Eid-ul Fitr, is celebrated by Muslims all over the world, this tradition of sedondon seems to be particularly common in Malaysia.

You can find a variety of matching traditional set wear on Gene Martino, from baju kurung modern for women and the little princesses to baju Melayu for the men and the young boys. Who can resist the children in sedondon kidswear cutely asking for their duit Raya?

Here is a tip for the boyfriends: Turn up to your future in-laws’ Raya open house wearing sedondon couple clothing to match your girlfriend! This simple gesture shows that you made an effort to complete the look with your partner, and we guarantee you that these Raya pictures will be one for the books!

Hari Raya is not the only occasion for couples or families to wear matching traditional outfits. These days, wedding guests are encouraged to come dressed in the same colour theme as the wedding decor. In fact, to visually identify which side the guests are representing, invitees from the two bride and the groom sides would wear different but complementary colours. The result is a beautiful palette of matching outfits in the wedding album!

Now that Gene Martino has a variety of baju Melayu sedondon for the entire family conveniently available in our online catalogue, you can shop for the whole family without dragging them out to congested shopping centers or having to worry about mismatched outfits.

If that is not enough to convince you, Gene Martino is also offering Free Shipping for all orders in Peninsula Malaysia to seal the deal! What more could you ask?

Find the perfect colour and pattern to get all matchy-matchy for you, for your partner, and for the kids to look fashionable from top to bottom! Get stylish and sedondon only with Gene Martino.