Modesty In Modern Fashion

At Gene Martino, we have a wide variety of Muslimah wear made with high-quality and breathable fabrics such as cotton, which allows the modern Malaysian women to carry out her daily tasks comfortably and in style, without drawing the wrong kind of attention.Women in Malaysia today are always on the lookout for trendy and fashionable clothing whether it be for work, formal events, or special occasions – without compromising on their modesty or their faith.

Even though our collection is filled with traditional designs such as baju kurung and baju kebaya, the designs have been given a modern look and feel to suit today’s fashion climate. After all, our clientele is largely made up of young adults. It is only apt then that our apparel’s design reflects their youthful perspective and personality.

We also incorporate batik art in our design. Distinctively Malaysian, batik can transform any beautiful outfit into a memorable and mesmerizing ensemble. One might even say that batik is wearable art – each print is unique and never duplicated. Truly one of a kind in every design.

There are so many ways to style modest wear that any of these outfits can be appropriate for day-to-night wear, keeping up with women’s hectic lifestyles. Aside from that, our Muslimah collection allows for Muslim women to perform their prayers with ease and even negate the need of changing into a pair of telekung, as our designs protect the modesty of women (also known as aurat). That is one less thing to worry about packing when you are trying to catch the time for your solat.

Also in line with our customer’s on-the-go lifestyle; you can browse the entire collection and buy them at our online boutique! Why waste time going to the shopping mall and sifting through out-of-season garments off the rack when you can shop for the latest fashions without even making a dent in your busy schedules?

Did we also mention that Gene Martino is offering free shipping on all orders in Peninsula Malaysia? That’s right! Not only are you spoilt for choice with the trendiest Hijabi wear available conveniently on our online boutique, but you’ll also save on shipping costs so you can shop for more items!

May we even suggest that modest wear would make for a very thoughtful gift to give to a special woman in your life? Whether she is your wife, mother, or sister, presenting them with Hijabi apparel means you want them to look and feel beautiful, but you also care for their safety and dignity. Why not pick an outfit that brings out the shine in their smile?

So, no matter if you are looking for simple day-to-day modest wear, or want to create a powerful yet elegant look for that important presentation at work, Gene Martino has the perfect Muslimah apparel waiting for you. Stay effortlessly sophisticated, yet trendy and up-to-date with your wardrobe, all the while letting your beauty and personality shine through modern and modest designs made especially for women of Malaysia.