7 Romantic Nikah Kurung Dress Designs for Every Muslim Woman

7 Romantic Nikah Kurung Dress Designs for Every Muslim Woman

Gene Martino strives to meet the needs of all our modern Muslimah with stylish Baju Tradisional Melayu without losing its traditional elements and is perfect for every occasion. Bringing you premium Modest Wear Malaysia such as Baju Kurung modern online or in our physical stores nationwide since the beginning, we have created something of a surprise for you and your special day!

Imagine yourself in your Majlis Akad Nikah or solemnization day looking effortlessly chic while wearing a romantic dress that makes you feel like royalty. Gene Martino can make that Nikah dream of yours come through!

Introducing our gorgeous assembly of Nikah Kurung Dress, featuring feminine silhouettes, elegant detailing, and breathable fabrics for the ultimate comfort during your dreamy Majlis Akad Nikah.

In the next section, we will be looking at 3 things you need to know about Nikah and have a look at our Akad Nikah Collection that makes your big day much more special!


3 Things You Need to Know About Nikah

The Muslim marriage ceremony with rich Islamic tradition brings loved ones together to witness the signing of the marriage contract and the heart-warming “I do” moments. As one of the most celebrated occasions among Muslimah all around the world, let us take a glimpse and learn more about the uplifting Akad Nikah or solemnization day ceremony.

A 2-Part Muslim Wedding

A Muslim wedding ceremony usually comes in 2 parts, namely the Akad Nikah or the solemnization day, following by the Majlis Bersanding, also known as the enthronement ceremony.

Akad Nikah is a ceremony that involves making the love between a groom-to-be and bride-to-be official with the help of a Marriage Officiant called Tok Kadi. On the other hand, Majlis Bersanding, also known as the enthronement ceremony where the bride and groom sit like king and queen, surrounded by family and friends served with a scrumptious buffet.

Embracing The Traditions

The Akad Nikah ceremony involves the interactions among the groom, Tok Kadi, the bride’s Wali, which is the closest male family member, and 2 Kadi’s witnesses. The Marriage Officiant The Tok Kadi will acquire the bride’s consensus for the marriage before the Islamic prayer commences.

Subsequently, a sermon on marriage in Islam will be organized, followed by the signing of the marriage contract and the reading of vows. The groom will then present the gifts alongside the engagement ring to the bride during the ceremony.

Back in the day, the gifts or dowry were typically a set of Baju Tradisional Melayu for the bride and a joyful assemblage of delectable traditional cakes with desserts.

The Akad Nikah Dress Code

This delightful Akad Nikah is a religious ceremony where family and friends are under a conservative dress code. The lovely bride and groom are in a set of Baju Tradisional Melayu that makes them feel special.

The groom will be in a white Baju Melayu, where the bride will put on a white Baju Kurung that makes her feel like a princess.

At Gene Martino, our Akad Nikah Kurung Dress Collection features long sleeves that provide our beautiful brides with sufficient coverage to protect the aurat while looking their utmost best on the big big day.


Tying The Knots in Akad Nikah Collection by Gene Martino

In the good ol’ sunny Malaysia, it may get hot and humid during your Akad Nikah ceremony. Like any other of our Baju Kurung modern collection, Gene Martino has created a series of chic and elegant Nikah Kurung Dress intended for our Malaysia weather, so you can look your best without sacrificing your comfort.

Our feminine collections are made with soft materials such as Satin, Chiffon and Valentino with sophisticated modern twists.

We got you covered with 7 Nikah Kurung dresses that are perfect for all beautiful brides at Majlis Akad Nikah and up-to-the-minute in the glamourous world of the Malaysian wedding industry.

Look at your best on your nikah with our easy to iron and Wudhu friendly Nikah Kurung Dress cause you deserved it!


Ayuni Nikah Kurung Modern

Sprinkled with Swarovski beads on the 3D-flower border lace of our Nikah Kurung dress, the Ayuni Nikah Kurung Modernis made with soft satin fabric that exudes ultimate elegance.

This Baju Kurung modern in princess cut is tailored to follow a woman’s body shape, creating a complimenting and flattering fit.


Sarina Minimalist Nikah Dress

A soft inner Chiffon lining that keeps you dry all day long, the Sarina Minimalist Nikah Dress is crafted in an A-line cutting.

This soft Chiffon Baju Kurung modern will be slightly fitted at the hips.

With Swarovski beads and white pearls along with the beautiful floral lace, show off your wedding look like a queen of the day.


Novalee Nikah Kurung Modern

Wish to redefine your natural body shape into an elegant hourglass figure? Our Peplum fit with a fishtail cutting Nikah Kurung dress is your perfect wedding dress.

The Novalee Nikah Kurung Modern in our collection is made with soft Valentino, bringing you a mermaid silhouette that makes you feel like you are in a fairy tale story.


Lillyanna Drape Nikah Dress

Delicately framing your back with the beautiful zip back details on our slim fit Lillyanna Drape Nikah Dress. This slim-fit Nikah dress comes with a gorgeous front draping and floral lace that fall against your skin organically. Our beautiful brides get to attach the Selendang on the shoulder and Wudhu on the hidden zip at sleeves.


Shatillya Nikha Kurung Modern

We are in love with our Shatillya Nikha Kurung Modern in the latest Akad Nikah Kurung Dress Collection crafted in a modern silhouette.

It is a truly angelic dream wedding dress with dazzling Swarovski beads, pearls, 3D beads at chest and sleeve. You get to stay cool as well by putting on this soft Satin Nikah Kurung modern.


Sophiana Nikah Sheath Gown

Look glamorous and classy in our beautiful Sophiana Nikah Sheath Gown. With a sheath gown cutting and floral lace, this wedding dress elongates the overall features for a head-turning look. By integrating both Satin Valentino and Soft Chiffon, this Baju Kurung modern creates an angelic vision on your big day.


Luna Mermaid Nikah Dress

Our Luna Mermaid Nikah Dress is more than perfect for the bride who won’t settle for anything less!

From feminine cuts to romantic to beautiful V shape at the back, this Baju Kurung modern for Akad Nikah is the definition of tradition and trends. Own the elegant look effortlessly with the skirt in a Sweep Mermaid Train cutting.


We Have Your Perfect Nikah Kurung Dress

Gene Martino has an aim in mind – to make every bride the centre of attraction on the wedding day full of beautiful memories.

With our Akad Nikah Kurung Dress collection that radiates fresh designs amid the Malay Bridal Fashion industry, you are in good hands for your big day and be your best self with your loved ones.

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