Beauty of Texture Collection At Your Fingertips

Beauty of Texture Collection At Your Fingertips

As one of the most sought-after brands for modern Muslimah Wear or Modest Wear Malaysia, Gene Martino provides brick-and-mortar shoppers and online consumers with a wide array of Malay Traditional Clothing.

With a touch of fashion without losing the traditional elements of “Baju Tradisional Melayu” for men and women of all ages, Gene Martino aims to grant Malaysians convenient access to trendy Baju Melayu for the whole family.

All eyes on our latest chic roundup of heritage wear or “Baju Tradisional” for women – the Beauty Of Texture Collection.  With an emphasis on the power of fabric textures in our 100% cotton Baju Kurung, this collection comes with 12 different designs with a stylish spin that elevates your overall look without the need to sacrifice your comfort. Let us shed some spotlights on the fabric elements of silhouette and texture implemented in this collection, followed by the vastly underestimated effects of touch on decision-making in the course of your shopping experience.

It’s time to learn about how texture in the Beauty Of Texture Collection plays a significant part during your bargain hunting at Gene Martino physically or digitally. 


Silhouette & Texture In The Beauty Of Texture Collection

Soft silhouette and comfort texture: the dynamic-duo in the Beauty Of Texture Collection by Gene Martino. Our 100% cotton Baju Kurung comes in 12 different designs that will amp up your OOTD and pair well with any of your accessories. You will definitely find yourself reaching out to these modern heritage wear in your wardrobe all the time, as they are soft to the touch and comfortable to put on.

The silhouette, shape or form of our 100% cotton Baju Kurung in the Beauty Of Texture Collection comes with different kinds of soft textures, ready for our women consumers to choose from according to preference. Do you wish to elongate your overall physique with vertical line texture? Or the modern checked texture is your go-to style? Well, we have all the styles for every woman in this collection with the most current fashion trends.

Vertical Line Texture

The Vertical Line Texture fabric that made up our modern 100% cotton Baju Kurung comes with a different silhouette. Yet, this texture effectively elongates your physique and makes you look taller. Our Baju Kurung collection with vertical line texture comes with straight sleeves, Bell sleeves and Bishop sleeves, highlighting unique silhouettes that exude chicness.

Checkered Texture

Our stylish 100% cotton Baju Kurung in Checkered Texture allows you to embrace the vintage hype in the fashion world. This collection with gingham texture and feminine silhouette includes minimal straight sleeves and feminine Ribbon sleeves that add value to your Baju Kurung.

Mini Flower Texture

Nothing screams more feminine than floral texture. We bring you the sweetest Baju Kurung in this collection that comes with ruffles below your ankles alongside the mini flower texture. Own your femininity like no other and sway your way in a beautiful silhouette with mini flower textures.

Polka Dot Texture

We bring you a set of modern Baju Kurung Pahang in polka dot texture that radiates cuteness. Suitable for every woman, its silhouette accentuates your waist whilst elevating your overall elegant look effortlessly.

Onto the next element that made up our Baju Kurung is the fabric texture of comfortable 100% cotton. Your sense of touch comes in handy during your purchasing decision and shopping experience because the way the fabric texture feels upon your touch will ensure your comfort and cater for your needs.

For instance, when you have hands-on experience with our 100% cotton Baju Kurung modest wear collection, clothing characteristics such as soft, comfortable, breathable, and cooling will come to mind.

So, how does your sense of touch benefit you as a whole?


How The Sense Of Touch On Fabric Texture Benefits You?

The vastly underestimated effects of touch will help in connecting you with the products psychologically. As the fabric textures come into direct contact with your fingertips and skin, the friction between your fingertips or skin upon the fabric textures determines whether it is what you want or suit your needs. Besides, comfort acts as one of the key attributes that increase your desirability amid purchase decision making. And with that, you are able to distinguish whether the fabric textures that interest you visually are comfortable or quality enough with your sense of touch.

For example, our 100% cotton Baju Kurung in the Beauty Of Texture Collection with an elegant silhouette catches your eyes, and it is soft to the touch. This positive interaction will bring you the conclusion that it is a comfortable and quality Malay Traditional Clothing suitable for hot days. Without further ado, let us dive deeper into how the fabric textures upon your touch will affect the overall purchase behaviour.

Pre-purchase Behaviour

Purpose Driven Purchase Or Spontaneous Encounter

Customers who walk in a clothing shop with a purpose in mind will use the sense of touch to browse for the clothes that suit particular needs. Experience the fabric texture of the garments, such as our 100% cotton Baju Kurung that is soft and cool to the touch. This touching action will resonate with you on an intimate level, knowing that this might be the piece of clothing you need for a particular occasion before heading to the fitting room.

On the other hand, a clothing piece that catches your eyes spontaneously is nice to look at, but you will have to brush your fingers on the clothes to feel whether the fabric texture is right up your street. If the clothing is rough upon your touch, you most probably would not take it to the fitting room, saving your time from trying it on as it will be uncomfortable.

Purchase Decision Behaviour

Hands-on Experience & Evaluation of Alternatives

Imagine yourself in a fitting room hanging with the clothing pieces you cherry-picked from our Beauty Of Texture Collection. You are touching the fabric with not just your fingers but the skin on your body. This tactile interaction with the soft fabric textures of our 100% cotton Baju Kurung triggered a much more intimate emotional connection.

You will be visioning yourself in an elegant silhouette and feeling comfortable in it.

This touching-on-texture action will lead to an increase in your purchase likelihood as you want to feel the same way again during your fitting room hands-on experience. Thus, you will be fulfilling your wardrobe needs with no regrets.

Post-purchase Behaviour

Satisfaction From Fulfilled Purpose & Comfort Throughout The Day

A soft and comfy 100% cotton Baju Kurung in our Beauty Of Texture Collection is like a hug to your body. As a matter of fact, giving yourself a hug with our comfortable Malay Traditional Clothing can result in an oxytocin boost, as you are enjoying the feel of your clothes and the confidence they bring to you.

In addition, your sense of touch on something pleasant will bring you the nostalgia of happy moments. Besides, a piece of garment that fulfils your wardrobe will make you feel a sense of satisfaction as what you spend money on is worth every penny.

Beauty OOTD & Review Contest 

Are you ready to show off your chic OOTD with Gene Martino? Simply translate your creativity into styling our modern heritage wear from the latest Beauty Of Texture Collection and stand a chance to win amazing prizes.

How To Win The Beauty OOTD & Review Contest?

1. Purchase any product from our latest Beauty of Texture Collection,

2. Take an OOTD photo with the product.

3. Upload your best OOTD photo on Facebook and Instagram with a creative review of the product.

4. Make sure to set your profile to the public so we can view your amazing photos and creative reviews.

5. Tag @genemartino on Facebook and Instagram with the hashtags #beautyoftexture #ootd #vibration #silhouette

6. Tag 3 of your friends and spread the word so they can join this fun contest as well.

7. The most creative review post will be selected as our winner.


Feel Good With Our Beauty Of Texture Collection

We pride ourselves in becoming your ultimate choice for modern Baju Kebaya and Baju Kurung Online Boutique Malaysia. With our expertise in crafting the best and high-quality Malay Traditional Clothing for men and women, we trigger your connection with our modern heritage wear through the effects of soft fabric textures on your fingertips, making sure that you are a happy customer throughout your shopping experience.

Head onto our website now or visit our shops nearby to see and touch the 100% cotton “Baju Kebaya” or “Baju Kurung” in our Beauty Of Texture Collection for yourself. Experience the high-quality and breathable Muslimah Wear like no other, exclusively at Gene Martino.