Sedondon Baju Raya Outfit Ideas for a Hari Raya Epik

Sedondon Baju Raya Outfit Ideas For A Hari Raya Epik

Keluarga Bahagia, Keluarga Sedondon. As a true Malaysia brand for Baju Tradisional Melayu, Gene Martino is bringing you a one-stop Baju Raya Sedondon shopping experience for family this fast-approaching Hari Raya 2022.

Make your Hari Raya 2022 feel more EPIK this year with our Epik Raya Sedondon – Gene Martino Sedondon Series 2022! It is indeed a collection that sums up the festive vibes of Raya. Gene Martino is a great place to start your search for a coordinated wardrobe for your family. Besides being excellent for the OOTD photo takings, our Baju Raya Sedondon brings a sense of togetherness and closeness as one family. Besides getting your hands on our Baju Raya Sedondon online, you and your loved ones can scout for high-quality matching outfits in every brick-and-mortar of Gene Martino.

Before looking into our Baju Kurung Sedondon, Baju Melayu Sedondon and Baju Sedondon for kids in the Epik Raya Sedondon collection, we will be looking at what Baju Raya Sedondon is all about. Discover what Gene Martino has to offer when it comes to modern Muslimah wear for women, men and kids. 

The Baju Raya Sedondon Trend is Here to Stay

With the presence of social media and the lively spirit of Raya, taking pictures for Instagram is now mandatory goings-on for day and night. In recent years, adults and little ones step out stylishly in matching sets of Baju Raya Sedondon as one whole family. Some people tend not to see it as a need, but families who appreciate compatibility go above and beyond for visiting and for the grams.

Baju Raya Sedondon is indeed a trend that is hard to diminish because it exudes togetherness like no other and is also fun to look at. From monotone to vibrant colour schemes, a modern Muslimah fashion style livens up any occasion.

For Gene Martino, Baju Raya Sedondon carries the essence of modest heritage with a splash of modern touch. Personally, we think that this Baju Sedondon trend works well not just for Raya but also for a birthday celebration. Baju Sedondon is now easily accessible online or any brick-and-mortar that provides Pakaian Tradisional Melayu in Malaysia. So, without further ado, continue below and have a look at our Epik Raya Sedondon collection.

Impress Your Kampung with Gene Martino Raya Sedondon Series

Beyond creating something contemporary for you, your other half, and your little ones, our Epik Raya Sedondon collection is deeply rooted in the elements of Baju Tradisional Melayu. Gene Martino is keen on inspiring more and more families to jump on the bandwagon of wearing traditional clothes. We reimagine classic Muslimsh fashion in the modern era, bringing a collection of Baju Kurung and Baju Melayu suitable for the tropical weather in Malaysia.

Every piece in our Gene Martino Sedondon Series 2022 collection allows individuality to flourish despite age amid the memories-making Raya. Well, there’s no better time than now to find THE ONE to look picture-perfect and feel comfy. We’ve put together some of our high-quality pieces of Baju Kurung Sedondon, Baju Melayu Sedondon and Baju Sedondon for kids up for grabs! Discover your style that captures your personality and reflect your trendy sense of modest Muslimah fashion.

 Modern Baju Kurung with Lace Designs 

In this Epik Raya Sedondon series, we present you with a collection of Modern Baju Kurung with lace designs. Put on something that exudes elegance that turns heads in the crowd with a hint of sophistication. These Baju Kurung Sedondon for Muslimah women and children are comfortable enough for any occasion and formal event. 

 Feminine Baju Kurung with Floral Designs  

Your love for floral has brought you another round of all-new feminine Baju Kurung with floral designs. Elegant blooms cover our Baju Kurung Sedondon and give off a sweet overall vibe. We can’t wait for our Muslimah women to put these on for an effortlessly graceful look anytime and anywhere.

Stylish Baju Kurung with Sophisticated Designs  

Carry that glam in a minimal way with Gene Martino Baju Kurung Sedondon. Made for formal events and ceremonies, our stylish Baju Kurung with sophisticated designs such as a belted feature definitely will amp up your Baju Kurung look. A subtle dose of premium is here for you to steal the show.

 Modern & Slim Fit Baju Melayu

Seize the crowd and stride in confidence with our modern and slim fit Baju Melayu with an upright neck. Keep the look refined in our Baju Melayu Sedondon whilst staying comfy as well. You can choose modern cutting over slum cutting for Muslimah men who appreciate a breezy fit to complete your Raya outfit. 

 Baju Melayu Johor in Slim & Modern Fit

If you are someone who prefers to wear your Kain Samping below the Baju Melayu, then our Baju Melayu Johor is the perfect price for you. This Baju Melayu Sedondon comes in a slim and modern fit for cherry-picking. Moreover, it looks more casual compared to other Baju Melayu types. And with that, it is a stylish piece that can be worn beyond Raya. 

 Slim Fit Baju Melayu Kurta 

Infusing the elements of Central Asia fashion, our slim fit Baju Melayu Kurta appeals to young Malaysians more than you can imagine. So put on this type of Baju Melayu Sedondon if Kurta is up your street for Muslimah men’s fashion. Hooray for its amazing breathable fabrics, it is perfect for your everyday wear. 


Epik Raya Sedondon Dance Reels Challenge

Gene Martino is grateful to our broad consumer base nationwide, who are both supportive and creative~ And we are here today to bring you another round of E-voucher giveaways! As we introduced our Epik Raya Sedondon 2022 collection, we are giving away 22 pax prizes which total worth up to RM40,000.00 and 100 pax of Gene Martino E-Voucher worth RM100! 

Calling all Instagram and TikTok users, kindly follow these steps below to participate: 

  • Purchase our ANY piece from the Gene Martino Sedondon Series 2022
  • Fill in the Google Form and upload the receipt
  • Follow both of our Gene Martino Facebook and Instagram accounts
  • Take a 30-seconds Reels or TikTok Video with you and your beloved family wearing our Gene Martino Sedondon Series 2022 together and dance along with our Gene Martino Theme Song
  • Upload a Reels on your personal Instagram or TikTok account with hashtags #genemartino #epikrayasedondon #familyraya #raya2022
  • Submission from until15 May 2022
  • The most 22 creative reels or videos would be selected as our winners of prizes as listed below:

Grand Prize : Thermomix MT 6 x 1
First Runner Up Prize: Dyson Hair Dryer x 1
Special Prizes: Senheng RM1000 Cash Vouchers x 10
Consolation Prizes: Senheng RM500 Cash Vouchers x 10

  • 100 X Gene Martino E-Voucher worth RM100 will be given away as appreciation for participation 

*Terms and conditions apply 


Baju Raya Sedondon for Family of Every Age

A Hari Raya Epik begins here, exclusively at Gene Martino! If comfort is the number one priority during Raya, look no further than our Sedondon Series 2022 – Epik Raya Sedondon! Our Baju Raya collection for the family is another reason for you to have a good time this Raya. Every piece in our Epik Raya Sedondon is versatile enough beyond any occasion. And we can’t wait to see all of your amazing pics and vids on social media platforms! Well, guess we shall see you there~